1. Overview

My husband, Bruce, and I built our adobe house with just us and a small crew, and this blog will cover most of the details for anyone interested and anyone who may be considering doing it themselves. This picture was taken after we were well into it...you can see the stacks of adobe blocks which we made on site, and the completed house foundation.

It all started when our friends came back from a four-day workshop in New Mexico, and we were inspired to take the same workshop. That was it! By the end of the workshop we felt ready to give it a try. At least my husband was. I kept wondering if we shouldn't just buy the adobe blocks which were readily available from a manufacturer in Modesto. But Bruce, being the spiritual guy that he is, was dedicated to the idea of making the house from the dirt hillside. Of course he was absolutely right, which he sometimes is.

We purchased ten acres of hillside in Juniper Hills on the north side of the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking the Mojave Desert, just above Littlerock and Pearblossom which are on Hwy 138. We had lived in Juniper Hills thirty years previously when our boys were growing up, and it's a perfect location for combining a wild area with access to a large metropolitan area - Los Angeles - necessary for me as an exhibiting artist. Being a rural area, Juniper Hills does not offer city services such as water and sewer, so first things first, we drilled for water. I will talk about that experience in a later blog post.