I am addicted to acrylic paint for its ability to make luscious three-dimensional forms in space. Mixing a variety of pigments and mediums, I apply the paint to a flexible matrix using squeeze bottles and pastry tubes forming paint objects that lie somewhere between painting and sculpture. They hang on the wall like paintings but instead of drawing in the viewer through a window, they exist as physical objects in the room.

The colors can be intense and even fluorescent, creating an unnatural cartoon-like quality. The forms however are based in nature so the natural and unnatural play back and forth. I sometimes embellish with beads and fake fur, which can add a hypothetical narrative that is based in the viewer’s own perception.

Myself, I am interested in quantum realities, energy fields, telepathy—all those unseen forces of nature that inform our daily lives, mostly under the radar. Subconsciously we collect information from our surroundings all the time. I live in the desert where I feel magnetized, moving through space with all the other magnets-–mountains, plants, rabbits, and all–in a swirl of powerful connection.

It is not my intention to directly portray these ideas in paint, but I am certain that the artwork arises from the space where I live. As Einstein said, “Either everything is a miracle or nothing is.” In my world, everything is a miracle.

7 Responses to About

  1. Hi Stevie, great to know the metaphysical is manifesting so prolifically! Are you by any chance a student of Mastering Alchemy? I’m an abstract acrylic and collage artist as well as an intuitive in OC. I’d love to meet you. Where are you showing next?

    • Stevie Love says:

      Thank you for your interest, Susie. I just deinstalled two shows this past weekend and don’t have anything on the horizon just now. I am not a student of Mastering Alchemy. I am a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and a follower of Burt Goldman, Donna Eden and Anna Sayce. Wish you all the best in your work.

  2. David Glass says:

    Stevie, I was also a disiciple of Parmahansa Yogananda when we were at UCSB. Thanks for accepting my facebook request, but I don’t know how to access the facebook account. Would love to hear from you and see some pictures of your home in the dessert. Susan says it is beautiful. David Glass

    • Stevie Love says:

      Hi David,
      It was so nice to talk to you, but it has been some months now. I am not sure how to contact you, or even if this message will reach you. Electronic communications are all so varied. Do you have email? Here’s mine: love.stevie@gmail.com. Stevie

  3. Dear Stevie, thanks for the chat re Venice Residency the other day whilst you are in Venice. I am interested in your work too, enjoying a good look round. what a lovely random meeting ! How much longer are you in Venice ? Keep in touch I would love to see what you have done recently.

    • Stevie Love says:

      Hi Shelley, yes, nice to meet you too. I hope I was helpful in your research. I leave Venice this Sunday, and would like to keep in touch. Here is my email for future: love.stevie@gmail.com. I will be curious whether you come to this Scuola. Stevie

  4. Larry Laufenberg says:

    Stevie, congratulations on your current Metaphysics show. Stunning work! Optibop-op-Wow! Best to you from Larry and Dena

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